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Our Story

Every member of the LionHeart Team has felt a ministry calling to help prepare churches for the increasing challenges of these times. With the rising threats to churches there is a critical need for professional church security resources and training. The Secure Church program has been developed to ensure that churches are empowered to stand-up and maintain an effective, verifiable and certifiable church security ministry.

The LionHeart team is composed of nationally recognized law enforcement instructors with professional backgrounds in the US Military, Secret Service, FBI and local police/SWAT. What makes these instructors particularly effective is that each of them leads the security ministry in their home church.

Today’s church security challenges require more than static information provided piecemeal by online sites or narrowly focused training events. That is why the LionHeart Team initiated the Certified Secure Church professional church security training and accredidation program.

The Certified Secure Church process is an annual membership based program supporting churches in the development and on-going maintenance of a comprehensive church safety and security plan. Elements of the program will enable formal recognition, continuing education and annual certification as a Certified Secure Church, Certified Church Security/Safety Director and/or Certified Church Safety Team Leader.

The program includes guidance for developing a Campus Assurance & Safety Team (CAST) plan, strategy and policy document specific to each church, monthly webinar training, quarterly bulletins, regional working groups and crisis consulting for sensitive or critical incidents.

LionHeart will be launching a BETA test group with a limited number of churches at a significant discount following the Willow Creek Community Church Conference this September.


If you would be interested in joining the BETA test group, please contact us at

Protecting God’s people by equipping His church with the highest quality safety and security resources available, so that pastors, ministry leaders and volunteers are prepared to shepherd their flocks in an increasingly challenging and perilous world.