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Abe Groveman is a 12-year veteran of a 1500 member Police Department in the Washington D.C. area where he currently serves as a full-time member of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team.  He is a certified firearms and tactics instructor and member of the Crisis Intervention Team.  Abe has extensive experience in surveillance and specialized law enforcement operations as well as specific training in site security from the Department of Homeland Security as a physical security expert.  At his home church, Abe also leads his church’s security team and regularly provides the spiritual and tactical training to his volunteers.


Director of Security – Christ Fellowship Church, Retired Special Agent, Secret Service, Homeland Security. LtCol (Ret) USMCR

Elder/Church Security Director – Christ Church of Oakbrook, Retired FBI Special Agent, LE Trainer

Security Director at Grace Church, Senior Police Instructor, SWAT, Active Shooter and Firearms – Montgomery County Police Dept.


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