SecureChurch Leadership Team

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Tim Miller


Tim Miller founded the parent company of SecureChurch, LionHeart International Services Group, in 2015 following a 30-year career as a law enforcement and military professional. His experience includes the United States Secret Service and leadership roles in the Department of Homeland Security and United States Marine Corp.

Tim recently served as the Director of Security at a multi-campus church with regular weekly attendance over 30,000. 

Cindy Pickett

SecureChurch Director

Cindy is a 22-year federal law enforcement professional with multi-agency experience, both domestic and overseas.  As a special agent with both USDA and FDIC Offices of Inspector General, she conducted complex criminal investigations.  Cindy is use of force certified and has extensive training experience as a firearms and tactics instructor.  She served the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq and collaborated with DOD and DOS counterparts to develop and manage the firearms program for the Baghdad Field Office. As a DHS agent, she served as a Federal Air Marshal, a squadron leader, a Training Division supervisor, and senior intelligence briefer for two DHS Secretaries.

In the past 7 years, Cindy and her husband, Scott, adopted two older children from China and have applied their skills towards leading a large church security team in the midwest.

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Mark Lundgren

Ministry Outreach

Mark has 25 years of  investigative, analytical and managerial experience at the FBI, where he conducted and led counterterrorism and intelligence gathering missions. He also served on an enhanced SWAT team and conducted counterintelligence and criminal investigations.  Mark led a groundbreaking training effort that prepared thousands of police officers to combat terrorism and he continues to serve our nation in a counterintelligence and counterterrorism role.  Mark previously led a large volunteer church security team that set the bar for best practices in the Midwest and he has equipped hundreds of churches in the ministry of security.

Angelia Hopson

Safety & Volunteer Teams

Angelia’s 25 years of experience includes creation of a closed loop environmental sustainability process for Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club, managing the safety of material handling equipment for 1500+ UPS facilities, projects for City of Chicago including the multi-billion dollar O’Hare Modernization Project, managed the safety for BP’s Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill and developed a mobile app for safety documentation. She also led safety teams to mobilize and provide environmental clean-up following Superstorm Sandy and the USDA Avian Bird Flu project.

Currently, Angelia is the Director of Safety & Crisis Management for megachurch Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL.

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Dennis Watkins

Legal Advisor

Dennis received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Central Washington University, where he graduated with highest distinction in 1975.  He received his law degree from Pepperdine University in 1978 and maintained a private law practice in Mississippi for over fifteen years where he served governmental, insurance, and business clients.  Dennis is admitted to the Mississippi State Bar and the Tennessee State Bar.

Since 1994, Dennis has served as Legal Counsel for Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee.  His work has included litigation in many of the states in the United States and in numerous foreign countries.  He has been directly involved in legal issues concerning safety and security for churches, and regularly speaks to church leaders regarding this subject.  


Chuck Holton


A former US Army Ranger, Chuck Holton is an international reporter, adventurer, and most importantly, a husband and father of five homeschooled children. In a typical year, Chuck visits over a dozen of the world's hot zones.  He has completed ten book projects, collaborated with Lt Col Oliver North (USMC Retired) on the New York Times bestselling book American Heroes and hosted six seasons of his show "Frontlines" on the Life of Duty Network. 

In addition to his extensive work in communications, Chuck has experience with security programs and facility consulting across Latin America.

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