Comprehensive Security Planning and Training

SecureChurch provides best-in-class security consultation and assessments.  

On-Site Assessment

Our on-site vulnerabilities assessment will evaluate physical security, technology, training and safety processes. The SecureChurch team will meet with your church leadership, review current security posture and provide a debrief discussion focused on next steps.

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On-Site Training

SecureChurch live training provides critical skills to effectively enhance the safety of your church. We draw from the experiences of our federally certified instructors and best practices of houses of worship around the nation to bring ministry based learning to your team.

Regional Conferences

A two-day event with dynamic practical application for starting, training and leading a church security ministry. Interactive learning equips participants to better protect their house of worship.

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Build Your Unique Training

The modular format of our on-site training courses let's you create your own curriculum based on your specific needs. Each of our interactive courses are designed to inspire your team with dynamic hands on training and a common thread of security as a ministry.

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Security As A Ministry

A ministry based approach that focuses on the strength, discernment and ability to protect what is found only in God.

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Church Security 101

Foundational practices include posts, concentric layers, engaging with a security mindset, and observation of behaviors.

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Building The Team

A facilitated discussion on recruiting and effective on-boarding. Focus on balancing skills and spiritual fitness.

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The Crisis Mindset

With research from military and police agencies, we discuss how the body and mind respond to the stress of a crisis situation.

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Growing Threats to Houses of Worship

A candid review of violence in houses of worship as well as a summary of warnings, bulletins or concerns from the FBI and other agencies.

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Emerging Legal Issues in Church Security

Critical information on training, insurance, armed volunteers, and the authority of security vs. law enforcement.  

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Three A's of Safe Children's Ministry

Key considerations when designing children’s spaces and building consistent processes to ensure the security of children.  

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Protecting our Pastors and Leaders

Congregational leaders need plans in place that give them a secure space to engage people without distraction from ministry.

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