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SecureChurch Provides Comprehensive Security Consultation And Training To Houses Of Worship

Ministry Centered

SecureChurch's approach uses biblical foundations to provide guidance and direction to staff and volunteer security teams for organizations of all sizes.

Skills Focused

A skills based focus teaches teams to think through the situations they encounter and not simply apply stock solutions to complex security issues.

Experience Based

Curriculum developed by federally certified trainers and church leaders gives you access to decades of experience in both security and ministry.

What Is SecureChurch?

SecureChurch is led by a team of career security professionals that combine their diverse expertise from federal law enforcement, police agencies, the United States military, and church leadership roles to enhance the safety of houses of worship. 

Why Choose SecureChurch?

SecureChurch curriculum is built on a foundation of biblical principles that provide a basis for enhancing the security of houses of worship. We understand the importance of keeping the doors open to provide love and care for hurting people while maintaining a safe environment for all.  Our comprehensive approach to consultation and training is focused on wise preparation and not living in fear.

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