New Lesson "PIE Lesson - Exits/Entrances"

#churchsecurity Dec 21, 2023

"PIE Lesson - Exits/Entrances"


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Discover the latest module in our PIE Lesson series, "Exits/Entrances," available exclusively for our community members as of December 21, 2023. Tim Miller shares crucial insights into church security, emphasizing universal principles applicable to all church sizes. Explore standard practices, strategic security positions, and the three key components of sanctuary security. Learn about observation, evacuation, and lockdown procedures, along with the significance of parking lot security. Don't miss out on lessons from real incidents, evaluations of security effectiveness, and the role of concealed carriers. Access the full lesson now for comprehensive guidance on enhancing safety and security in your church.


  • The principles of church security apply to churches of all sizes.
  • Standard practices and proper security positions are essential for effective protection.
  • Observation, evacuation, and lockdown are key components of sanctuary security.
  • Parking lot security is crucial in preventing incidents.
  • Formal training and experience are important for church security trainers.


00:00 Introduction and Two-Way Communication
00:57 Principles Apply to All Churches
03:22 Importance of Standard Practices
04:20 The Significance of Proper Security Positions
05:18 The Three Components of Sanctuary Security
08:12 Observation, Evacuation, and Lockdown
09:36 The Role of Entrances and Exits
11:28 The Importance of Parking Lot Security
12:46 Case Study: Lessons from a Tragic Incident
15:19 Evaluation of Platform, Aisle, and Exit Security
16:45 The Role of Concealed Carriers
17:15 Personal Commitment to Safety and Security
18:11 Importance of Formal Training and Experience
19:10 Concerns with Untrained Church Security Trainers
20:08 Conclusion and Call to Action

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