Protecting Faith: A Deep Dive into Church Security Ministry | Engaging, Preparing & Overcoming in the End Times

#churchsecurity Jan 09, 2024

Protecting Faith: A Deep Dive into Church Security Ministry | Engaging, Preparing & Overcoming in the End Times

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This conversation discusses the importance of engaging in supporting church security ministry and being spiritually, emotionally, and skillfully involved. It highlights the challenging times in the last days and the need to be aware of deception and persecution.

The conversation emphasizes the importance of knowing scripture and having the heart and skills of a security ministry member. It raises concerns about certain mindsets in church security and the increasing persecution of Christians, particularly in Nigeria. The need for real security in churches and the importance of comprehensive security plans are also discussed. The conversation concludes with a reminder to seek God's guidance and stay prayed up.


-Engage spiritually, emotionally, and skillfully in supporting church security ministry.

-Be aware of the...

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New Lesson "PIE Lesson - Exits/Entrances"

#churchsecurity Dec 21, 2023

"PIE Lesson - Exits/Entrances"


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Discover the latest module in our PIE Lesson series, "Exits/Entrances," available exclusively for our community members as of December 21, 2023. Tim Miller shares crucial insights into church security, emphasizing universal principles applicable to all church sizes. Explore standard practices, strategic security positions, and the three key components of sanctuary security. Learn about observation, evacuation, and lockdown procedures, along with the significance of parking lot security. Don't miss out on lessons from real incidents, evaluations of security effectiveness, and the role of concealed carriers. Access the full lesson now for comprehensive guidance on enhancing safety and security in your church.


  • The principles of church security apply to churches of all sizes.
  • Standard practices and proper security positions are essential for effective protection.
  • Observation, evacuation, and...
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BREAKING: Suspect in synagogue shotgun incident in Albany, NY, taken into custody.

#churchsecurity Dec 08, 2023

BREAKING: Suspect in synagogue shotgun incident in Albany, NY.

BREAKING: Suspect in synagogue shotgun incident in Albany, NY, taken into custody. The 28-year-old allegedly shouted "Free Palestine" while firing shots outside Temple Israel just hours before Hanukkah. No injuries were reported. FBI Albany identifies the suspect as Mufid Fawaz Alkhader, charged with firearm possession—motive under investigation.

According to the article by CNN, law enforcement sources indicate shots were fired into the air, with shells found on a staircase. The suspect fled but was apprehended, claiming to feel victimized. Albany police Chief Hawkins confirms no broader threat to the community; the suspect acted alone.

Ensuring the safety of our Houses of Worship is paramount! The recent incident at Temple Israel in Albany reinforces the critical importance of security measures on temple premises. Proactive measures can help prevent such incidents and protect our communities.

1 Security...

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The PIE Method Introduction. Sanctuary Security Posting and Protecting

#churchsecurity Dec 01, 2023

The PIE Method Introduction. Sanctuary Security Posting and Protecting

(This lesson is an introduction of a full course in progress available to our paid members)

Summary in this conversation, Tim Miller discusses the importance of security in churches and the need for preparedness. He emphasizes the importance of being wise, discerning, and skilled in order to protect the innocent. Tim introduces the concept of identifying posts in the sanctuary and explains the PIE method for posting, which involves protecting the platform, aisles, and exits. He highlights the importance of the consequences of post-paralysis. Tim also emphasizes the need for spiritual preparedness and the role of salt and light in combating evil.


  • Churches need to prioritize security and be prepared for potential threats.
  • Effective security involves identifying and assigning posts in the sanctuary.
  • The PIE method (protecting the platform, aisles, and exits) can help ensure comprehensive security...
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Navigating Church Security: A Balancing Act Between Proactivity and Reactivity


Navigating Church Security: A Balancing Act Between Proactivity and Reactivity

By Tim Miller, Church Security Consultant

Hello, friends! Tim Miller here, and today marks a special occasion – it's been a year since we started this journey together. Today, I want to delve into a crucial aspect of church security: the delicate balance between being proactive and reactive.

As I sit in the command post of a sizable church on the West Coast, I'm reminded of the vital question we often face in the realm of security: Proactive or reactive? This question fundamentally shapes the measures we take to ensure the safety and security of our congregations.

In a recent conversation with the church's director of operations, it became clear that they are keen on staying ahead of the curve. They recognize the need to protect both the spiritual well-being and physical safety of their community. This got me thinking about the role of technology in this equation.

Technology, especially in the form...

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Servants, NOT Volunteers on Church Security: A Comprehensive Approach

#churchsecurity Nov 28, 2023

A summary of the Lesson.

Title: "Servants, NOT Volunteers on Church Security: A Comprehensive Approach"

In the rapidly changing landscape of today's world, church security has become a critical consideration for congregations of all sizes. In this blog post, Timothy Miller from SecureChurch shares insights on adopting a comprehensive and proactive approach to church security, emphasizing the importance of wisdom, preparation, and a servant mindset.

Monitoring Systems as Force Multipliers
Miller begins by highlighting the significance of monitoring systems as force multipliers. Drawing parallels with military strategies, he underscores the value of being able to do more together as a church community than individually. He shares experiences from consulting with a West Coast church that has a dedicated command post and encourages churches, regardless of size, to invest in affordable monitoring solutions like ring cameras.

Servants, Not Volunteers
A key point Miller raises...

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Church Security Starts In The Parking Lot

Let’s remember that many attacks against the church have started in the parking lot. That means that we must be ready and prepared to deal with potential threats while also making sure we are focused on ministry.  Just like every church is different, satellite campuses of the same church can be unique. Despite their differences, the mission is the same.  It's very important for us to remember whether you have a church of 100 or 100,000 that the principles of church security still apply.

Proactive security in the parking lot comes down to three things.  Our teams must be engaging, evaluating and encouraging while greeting people in the parking lot.  Security team members in the parking lot must not be standoffish.  Sometimes we see church security teams that are discreet or hidden and they prefer to stand back and just watch.  What if we change that?


If you think about your parking lot security, let’s ask a few questions. First, do...

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Living in Preparation, Not In Fear

This article was first published in 2019.  As we move towards reopening our malls, restaurants and schools, these lessons are worth a reminder.

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t learn of an active shooter incident. In fact, the FBI classified 27 deadly attacks in 2018 as active shooter incidents in places where people come to work, learn, relax or pray. News outlets estimate that a mass shooting has occurred on average every 12 days this year. It can be overwhelming and heartbreaking. It can make us all feel vulnerable.  It might even drive us to live in fear.

We can’t predict the future, but we can prepare for it. Rather than living in fear, we believe in building the mental preparation and awareness to react to dangerous situations or even avoid them completely. Like most things in life, preparation is the key to stepping into public places and work spaces with confidence. This preparation will serve you well in a variety of crisis situations – and it...

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