Servants, NOT Volunteers on Church Security: A Comprehensive Approach

#churchsecurity Nov 28, 2023

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Title: "Servants, NOT Volunteers on Church Security: A Comprehensive Approach"

In the rapidly changing landscape of today's world, church security has become a critical consideration for congregations of all sizes. In this blog post, Timothy Miller from SecureChurch shares insights on adopting a comprehensive and proactive approach to church security, emphasizing the importance of wisdom, preparation, and a servant mindset.

Monitoring Systems as Force Multipliers
Miller begins by highlighting the significance of monitoring systems as force multipliers. Drawing parallels with military strategies, he underscores the value of being able to do more together as a church community than individually. He shares experiences from consulting with a West Coast church that has a dedicated command post and encourages churches, regardless of size, to invest in affordable monitoring solutions like ring cameras.

Servants, Not Volunteers
A key point Miller raises is the distinction between volunteers and servants. Quoting scripture, he asserts that in the kingdom, there are no volunteers—only servants of the Most High God. This distinction is vital in the security ministry, where individuals are called to answer the Lord's call rather than merely choosing when and where to contribute. Miller suggests starting security team meetings with a brief time devoted to God's word to reinforce the purpose and mission.

The Three T's of Church Security
Miller introduces the three T's of church security: Team, Training, and Technology. He acknowledges the challenge of recruiting volunteers and recommends praying for servants instead. The team, Miller argues, should embody both the heart and skills of David, emphasizing humility and a focus on serving the Lord. Training is a crucial aspect, and Miller promises to provide the best training available through live conferences. He also discusses the integration of technology, stressing the need for interconnected solutions rather than standalone systems.

Scaling Security Measures
Addressing concerns about scalability, Miller assures readers that the principles he advocates are applicable to churches of all sizes. He discusses elements such as a command post with communication systems, emphasizing that every church can tailor security measures to its unique needs.

Looking Ahead: Understanding the Threat Environment
Miller urges church leaders to look ahead and understand the evolving threat environment. By being a source of wisdom and guidance, church security teams can collaborate effectively with leadership, ensuring a proactive and informed approach to potential risks.

In conclusion, Miller emphasizes the importance of a ministry mindset in church security. He encourages readers to visit for additional resources and training. As the world continues to change, Miller's message serves as a reminder that church security is not just about physical measures but also about serving a higher purpose—protecting the community while upholding the values of faith.



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