The PIE Method Introduction. Sanctuary Security Posting and Protecting

#churchsecurity Dec 01, 2023

The PIE Method Introduction. Sanctuary Security Posting and Protecting

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Summary in this conversation, Tim Miller discusses the importance of security in churches and the need for preparedness. He emphasizes the importance of being wise, discerning, and skilled in order to protect the innocent. Tim introduces the concept of identifying posts in the sanctuary and explains the PIE method for posting, which involves protecting the platform, aisles, and exits. He highlights the importance of the consequences of post-paralysis. Tim also emphasizes the need for spiritual preparedness and the role of salt and light in combating evil.


  • Churches need to prioritize security and be prepared for potential threats.
  • Effective security involves identifying and assigning posts in the sanctuary.
  • The PIE method (protecting the platform, aisles, and exits) can help ensure comprehensive security coverage.
  • Training and clear post instructions are essential for effective security measures.
00:00Introduction and the Importance of Security
03:17The Difference Between Security and Law Enforcement
04:13The Importance of Identifying Posts in the Sanctuary
06:07The Pi Method for Posting in the Sanctuary
07:13The Importance of Effective Post Instructions
08:41The Consequences of Post-Paralysis
09:36Protecting the Platform
10:06Protecting the Aisles
11:27Protecting the Exits
12:23The Importance of Training and Post Instructions
13:48The Importance of Spiritual Preparedness
14:18The Answer to Evil: Salt and Light
15:11Conclusion and Call to Action



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