Protecting Our Pastors

As churches reopen, there will likely be a lot of people that want some “face time” with the pastor.  Some of them will be happy the church has re-opened – others will be angry that it was ever closed.  Many will have prayer requests or needs for family, jobs or health.  Others may want to challenge your pastor on a particular stand (or lack thereof) that your church has taken during the recent civil turmoil. Regardless of the motivation, your pastor will be getting more attention than ever in the weeks to come.

 Let’s start with the basics. Pastors are busy people! Every week they have to prepare sermons, counsel couples, make hospital visits, marry some people and speak at funerals for others. That happens before they stand in front of the congregation every Sunday – whether in person or online - to lead us in God’s word.

 But your pastor isn’t just the spiritual leader of your congregation, they are also the...

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