Navigating Church Security: A Balancing Act Between Proactivity and Reactivity


Navigating Church Security: A Balancing Act Between Proactivity and Reactivity

By Tim Miller, Church Security Consultant

Hello, friends! Tim Miller here, and today marks a special occasion – it's been a year since we started this journey together. Today, I want to delve into a crucial aspect of church security: the delicate balance between being proactive and reactive.

As I sit in the command post of a sizable church on the West Coast, I'm reminded of the vital question we often face in the realm of security: Proactive or reactive? This question fundamentally shapes the measures we take to ensure the safety and security of our congregations.

In a recent conversation with the church's director of operations, it became clear that they are keen on staying ahead of the curve. They recognize the need to protect both the spiritual well-being and physical safety of their community. This got me thinking about the role of technology in this equation.

Technology, especially in the form...

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Church Security Starts In The Parking Lot

Let’s remember that many attacks against the church have started in the parking lot. That means that we must be ready and prepared to deal with potential threats while also making sure we are focused on ministry.  Just like every church is different, satellite campuses of the same church can be unique. Despite their differences, the mission is the same.  It's very important for us to remember whether you have a church of 100 or 100,000 that the principles of church security still apply.

Proactive security in the parking lot comes down to three things.  Our teams must be engaging, evaluating and encouraging while greeting people in the parking lot.  Security team members in the parking lot must not be standoffish.  Sometimes we see church security teams that are discreet or hidden and they prefer to stand back and just watch.  What if we change that?


If you think about your parking lot security, let’s ask a few questions. First, do...

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Security As A Ministry

Church security is all over the news. Everywhere you look there's an incident of some type involving churches. Whether it’s people suffering from mental illness, vandalism, or anger suggesting active violence it seems like the church today is under attack now more than ever.

Did you ever think that in our lifetime we would be experiencing some of the things that are occurring in our churches? It wasn't too long ago where churches were places of solitude and safety. But that’s changing. And churches around the world are facing some of the toughest challenges in our history.

That’s why in this important season we must have excellent church security programs. And that’s also why men and women must rise up from within the church to develop and serve in this important area.

Many churches today believe that having an armed security guard or police officer is the answer to the growing number of incidents.  Other churches refuse to take any safety measures...

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